Ready to (re)Think your energy provider?

Think Energy is an energy retailer with the bright idea to make clean energy simple, easy and affordable for everyone.

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  • Fair fixed rate plans
  • Earn cash rebates
  • No early termination fees (excluding TX & Commercial)
  • Free $100 Cash Gift Card! Click to learn more.

  • Minimum discount of 5% off solar credits
  • No roof required
  • Free to enroll
You can earn cash rebates on your electricity bill each month by referring as few as 3 customers to Think Energy! Learn more >

What makes Think
Energy so different?

Switch to 100% clean electricity and community solar products that are good for the planet.

  • Competitively priced at a fixed rate throughout the term of the contract
  • Free to sign up & No early termination fees (excluding TX & Non-TX Commercial)
  • Earn cash rebates of up 100% on your Think Energy electricity charges each month by referring others!
  • Protect 50 trees from deforestation in an endangered rainforest simply for signing up
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Get a minimum discount of 5% savings off the solar credits you receive, each month for up to 20 years with Think Community Solar.

  • Free to sign up & no early termination fees
  • No panels or equipment on your roof
  • Provide jobs and economic benefits to help boost the local economy
  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels to lessen the pollution of our natural ecosystems
  • Protect 50 trees from deforestation in an endangered rainforest simply for signing up
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Want free energy?

Every Think Energy customer is a member of Free Energy Club and can earn monthly cash rebates of up to 100% of their Think Energy electricity supply charges.

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Think Energy has partnered with One Tribe to protect the rainforest.

Think Energy will protect 50 trees in the rainforest for each new customer enrolled in our clean electricity or community solar service.

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Choose 100% clean energy for your home today - in just 3 minutes.

Lock in a competitive fixed rate throughout the term of your contract or sign up for Community Solar.

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Easy as Turning on Your Lights 

No interruption. No installation. Just clean energy that neither weather nor market volatility can change.

Be Part of the Solution

Because 25% of your carbon footprint comes from home energy – it’s the single, smartest way to make your biggest impact.

Made in America

Clean, home-grown energy supports energy independence and more than 500,000 jobs across the U.S. and beyond.

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